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Would you?

Anybody can throw on some elephant jewels even if they are not generally a huge fan of crusty, wrinkly skin and gray. But, only true elephant lovers would take this guy out… Would you, I wonder???…

Part of my personal herd… Bold and beautiful cuff bracelet.


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Spring 2011 Trend Color “Silver Cloud”

Did you know that elephants are totally fashionable this year? Just look at the trend colors of 2011 and you’ll see! Gray aka “silver cloud” made it into the top ten trend colors this season. Hooray to elephants!!… :-0

Whether it’s weddings or parties or jeans and t-shirt looks: gray can do it all – easily!

Pictures gathered on the web a while ago without taking notes – sorry, will be more thourough next time…

Dress: Phillip Lim, Clutch: Judith Leiber, Elephant bracelet: the lucky elephant, Shoes: Alexandre Birman, Cuff bracelet: Anna Beck, Earrings: Accessorize, Nail Polish: OPI

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Elephant Love

So happy you stopped by!

I’ve been very busy making GOOD LUCK ELEPHANT bracelets these past few months and I am constantly amazed by the fact that people from all over the world love them as much as I do. To all of you GOOD LUCK ELEPHANT friends: I so very much appreciate your support, your orders, your kind words and compliments – thanks a ton!

Before I opened my store on Etsy, I didn’t know how many people actually adore elephants. I thought that it was just me and a handful of others maybe, but far from it! There seem to be way more elephant lovers out there than I would have ever imagined. Secretly I wonder what their houses look like. Are there elephants all over the place? What kind of elephants? Big ones, small ones? How many elephant Christmas ornaments do they have? How many pieces of elephant jewelry? How many birthday cards with elephants on them? Do friends and loved ones give them elephants whenever a gift is exchanged? Do they, perhaps, bake elephant cakes for birthdays and elephant cookies during the Holidays? …

So many questions that are dying to get answers!!! So, your turn now!!! Get your cameras out, your pen, your computer – whatever you prefer – and share a little bit of your elephant loving side! I invite you to email me ( anything and everything elephant, in whichever shape or form – your favorite elephant picture, elephant ring/bracelet/necklace, your favorite outfit going with your elephant jewelry, elephant candle holder, stuffed elephant, elephant cookie, your favorite elephant story, … – for a chance to be featured on my blog and to enter the lucky elephant contest.

Here’s one of my favorites: my very first one.

Neither stylish nor fancy, but as cute as it gets! And, the one who started it all.

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Sneaker Bride

IF I could walk in heels better, I’d wear them more often. IF my back wouldn’t start hurting about 30 (3?) min after I’ve put them on, I’d wear them even more often. They are magical after all, making legs look a mile longer, leaner and everything, the whole body appears to be moving way more gracefully when elevated a few inches from the ground, etc.- what’s not to like about that? Sadly though, most heels and I don’t go together too well for too long. I can sit in them, yes, but standing, walking, dancing, etc.? Not so much…

Why am I telling you that, you wonder? Well, I do, because I stumbled upon some very pretty images today and they made me think about heels, heels and brides to be exact. Isn’t it funny how almost all brides start out their big day on the most beautiful heels they have ever worn and end up barefoot on sticky, dirty dance floors?  If somebody were to find out how many brides abandoned their fancy shoes during the course of their wedding night – what would the result be? 100%?…

So, the question is: why not get married comfortably, pain-free & in style to begin with! Doesn’t that sound soooooo wonderful? And if it can be as beautiful and cool as in the pictures below, even better!

Photos: Riess Photography

Shoes: Bally (seen on

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Vintage oh so Modern

If you’re into contemporary vintage for your wedding look, check these bridal boots out! Please say hi to…



and Rebecca:

Paired with a modern vintage dress, some unique, out-of-the-box accessories

– voilà, fertig, done!

The most stunning bride ever!!

Do I hear the ohhs and ahhs?… Honestly, I don’t think contemporary vintage could be any more beautiful!

Shoes (Online, Germany) : Nina Fiarucci, Wedding dresses seen on:  inbloomeventdesign, Necklace: Nataliefashionjewelry

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Date Night A Little Bit Differently…

A journey from twitter to dentist to outfit and to the cutest ring ever! Are you thinking “huh?” yet??

Don’t worry, I can explain…

The twitter part first… I am officially trendy now! Trendy and 10, 20, 30 years younger – at least! Yeah, yeah, you can say your “huh?” again, but I’m serious, I am!  I have a twitter account as of three days ago, I can call myself a tweep in the twitterverse, and I tweeted. I installed tweetdeck on my computer and twitter on my android and I can write “follow me on twitter at” wherever I want to. There!  At least 30 years crossed off my age in a mouse click!…

I have been hitting tweet after tweet all over the place, trying to get the big picture first – holding my breath many times and hoping not to step on anybody’s toes with my tweets, re-tweets and replies. So far, I am both, absolutely fascinated and totally confused. Trying to figure out a thing like twitter on your own is kind of like trying to learn ballroom dancing without a teacher… Thank goodness there’s Google…

The dentist part.. While I was trying to unravel the very many layers of twitter, I came across a certain tweet that gave me the creeps and made me chuckle (twringe and twuckle?…) at the same time – and in the end reply, too. The story: a husband had surprised his wife with secretly making a dentist appointment for the two of them together for the following day. Ugh, I thought, really? In my head, I pictured a husband announcing a surprise date, but instead of  taking his wife to a nice restaurant, she finds herself in a dentist chair right next to her beloved with a bunch of shiny drills staring at her. How about that for a romantic date?

Long story short, a few tweets later the fog was lifted and a sigh of relieve went through the twitterverse when it became clear that the dentist appointment was actually not a date gone wrong! All the husband wanted was to spare his wife the agonizing days leading up to the office visit because he knew that she was absolutely terrified by dentists and doesn’t like to make dentist appointments herself for obvious reasons.

So, basically we can all relax again now and don’t need to fear that cozy restaurants might be replaced by comfy dentist chairs in the near future! Phew… Deep breath in, deep breath out… A date night is still date night!!! And, in case your next one is coming up soon and you’re looking for inspiration in terms of what to wear (or wish for! The ring?!), here’s what the UK and Germany have to offer! The outfit part…

Clothes: Apart, Bangle bracelet: Top Shop, Elephant bracelet: the lucky elephant, Shoes: Top Shop, Purse: Top Shop, Earrings: Accessorize, Ring: Accessorize

P.S.: From twitter to dentist to outfit to ring – makes sense now?…

P.P.S.: Lastly, do you want to know what’s the best part of it all??? Thanks to the instant twitter rejuvenation, I don’t even have to worry one single bit anymore about whether or not certain outfits are appropriate for me. At my new tender age anything goes!! Ha!…

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Spring has sprung … – almost!

Yes, I know, there’s still snow on the ground in many places and we might be a few weeks (months …) away from seeing grass for longer than the occasional one warm winter day, but that doesn’t mean that the mind can’t travel there, right? Just looking at the fashion world makes it seem as if it won’t be too much longer … The new Spring 2011 trend colors are here! And they certainly do convey spring!!! So, looking at it from a fashion angle: spring has indeed sprung.

Up close the first one: SILVER PEONY – oh so pretty …

Clothes & scarf: H&M, Bracelet:, Shoes: Monsoon, Purse: Anna Malindi Caterina Tote, Eyeshadow: urban decay, Nail Polish: Opi, Jewelry: Forever 21

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