Lucky Elephant Contest March

March is just around the corner and it’s time to get the next LUCKY ELEPHANT CONTEST under way! Are you ready??? I certainly am! Can’t wait to hear what you have to say this time!!! I decided to do a little poll and cast some wedding votes! Imagine you were getting married some time soon (maybe you are even???): which of the bracelets featured below would you like best for yourself or your bridesmaids? Take a pick, leave a comment and enter for a chance to win one of the featured bracelets (or a bracelet of equal value if a wedding is not in your future and you prefer something other than pearls…)!!

As always, all you need to do to enter is: leave a comment here and/or on twitter – the more the merrier!

Make sure you leave your email so that I can reach you in case you are the lucky one this month!!! The winner will be picked on March 25th.


P.S.: Time is of the essence and you need a (wedding) bracelet right away? Please visit my Etsy store or send me an email at



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46 responses to “Lucky Elephant Contest March

  1. I really adore the 3 one, its cute and would be wearable again and again,
    Also i love its vintage style and think would work well with any dress/outfit that you desire.

    Love your blog btw its my favourite to browse.

    • monica Adams

      All three are beautiful and while a wedding is not in my near future I love the classiness of the second one. The smaller beads just look so soft and pretty It would compliment the perfect dress so well.
      I love your designs so much when I actually do have a wedding some day I will have a lucky elephant bracelet on my wrist 🙂

  2. Krissa

    The rhinestone elephant. Definitely.

  3. Kaitlin

    The first one

  4. I think the vintage inspired one, I really like it and could see it easily going with anything. I like the subtle differences.

  5. Nunya

    your bracelets are adorable, how special

  6. Hi!
    I would love to win this, my daughter’s favorite animal is the Ellie and her lovie is an Ellie too… names Ellie! lol…
    Love the Vintage one!

  7. I love the vintage inspired one!


  8. Love the vintage one! Super cute.


  9. Janel

    I just love the vintage one. It would be a beautiful addition for anyone’s perfect day.

  10. Paula

    The vintage inspired one is absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Christie

    The VINTAGE is just gorgeous! I could use every little bit of luck 😉

  12. I am torn between the silver and white and the vintage inspired…love them both!!! :^)

  13. Krista Palomba

    Vintage Inspired! Perfect blend of old & new. All the bride will need is something borrowed and blue!

  14. Betti Effrig

    I love the rhinestone elephant!

  15. Betti Effrig

    The rhinestone elephant takes the prize!

  16. love them all….the vintage is beautiful:)


  17. Valerie@yellow+gray

    The vintage one is beautiful, I would want to wear it all the time!

  18. Adriane

    I love your bracelets. We got turned on to elephants right before I gave birth to my 6 month old daughter. My older son started art class in the summer and his first drawing was of a purple elephant that he drew for his baby sister. It is absolutely beautiful. We framed it and hung it above her changing table and she just loves to stare at it. So my son started the elephant madness in our family and now I am addicted to finding elephant things since it reminds us of our lil bundle of joy!

  19. enjoying looking through your blog!!!!

    i would pick the vintage inspired for a wedding, but also love the silver and white.

    xo . rae

  20. Oh… I love the Vintage one, but then again I love Vintage! All of them are beautiful though, and perfect for a wedding 😀 The Vintage one reminds me of the whole, “something old, something new” saying!

    Thanks for the wonderful contest!!
    Jodie {Party NV}

  21. If I were getting married, I would chose the vintage. But since I’m already married, I would pick the top one. Gorgeous bracelets. I am a fan!

  22. I love the beautiful vintage inspired bracelet!

  23. OMG they are all so cute. I love that all your stuff has the little elephant. My daughters name is Ellie (Eloise) so I have a special place for elephants now and keep buying her elephants!! Anyway, love the rhinestone so much! Def don’t need to be getting married to wear it and this would be one elephant she couldn’t have! So Cute!!!

  24. Personally my choice is the first one silver and white!

  25. funkyshique

    Who’d think that an elephant would be so ♥DARLING♥ on a bracelet? So cute!! I love them all! Im headed to your store right now to take a peek! Thank you! amanda♥

  26. Sandi

    LOVE the vintage one! Just purchased one of your bracelets for a daughter-in-law for her birthday who adores and collects elephant-themed goodies. Can’t wait to see her expression when she opens this perfect gift!

  27. Heather

    love the classic white pearl bracelets but my favorites are the colorful ones!
    i desperately need a lil elephant in my life to help me from being so forgetful 🙂

  28. Sloane

    i would pick the second, the vintage style! its so soft and beautiful and the visual reminder of good luck makes the heart swell! Plus, pearls are my birthstone… any of these would be amazing!!!!!

  29. I absolutely love the Vintage Inspired one! 🙂 It’s gorgeous.
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  30. Ashley

    They are all fabulous and so beautiful! I am lovin’ the vintage one! : ) Keep up the amazing work! : )

  31. I will choose the rhinestone bracelet for my bridesmaid, all are very lovely, but that one is my favorite, and I want one!!!!

  32. You know I *love*love*love* your bracelets. I would wear it every day!

  33. Arianna

    Second or third one please 🙂

  34. I love them all! My favorite is the 1st~ the silver and white!

  35. tramy

    Definitely the vintage inspired!! Very classy and would suit any wedding party as a bridesmade present.

  36. Christine

    I love love love the 2nd one, the vintage inspired. I do have a wedding in my upcoming future, this July, and this is just the type of thing I am looking for. I love the elegance of it, the simple little charm, but I love the simplicity of the beads and wrap. The balance of the simple with the wedding touch is key with all of these! Love them!

  37. It’s such a tough decision! But I love the vintage inspired one. It is gorgeous. BUT I also love the Rhinestone Elephant…I have never seen anything like it!

    All your bracelets are beautiful! I look at your shop constantly 🙂

  38. Hi~ Jeez, what a tough choice! They are all amazing in their own way, but if I had to choose a wedding bracelet it would be the Rhinestone Elephant. It’s got the classic pearly, wedding sweetness w/ a twist of sparkly, elephant style…xo

  39. Thanks everyone – so fun to read all your comments!!!!! Can’t wait to draw the winner!!…

  40. I love them all!!! If I have to pick I would say the vintage inspired. It’s just so classy. Love your Etsy shop!!!

  41. EEEeeekkk!!!!!!!!! SO crushing on you! Just found your blog! You have a new fan for like EVER! I’m way torn since all 3 are STUNNING but I think I’d select the vintage for a wedding!!! Good luck me!
    Genevieve =)

  42. The Silver and white is my favourite- I love how cute the elephant is ! Perfect for your favourite girls at an Indian Wedding , dont you think? Pearls and elephants!

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