The GLAM Good Luck Elephant Bracelet “In Person”

Sunday confession…: I cannot, for the life of me, take photos that capture the sparkle of faceted beads. There.

Have tried about a million times and have been frustrated with the outcome a million times as well! It just doesn’t work. The beauty of faceted beads never shows. Even worse, most of the time, due to the sparkle and more intense light reflection of faceted beads, photos turn out looking rather blurry, which really is a shame, since faceted beads (especially faceted crystals) are TO DIE FOR in real life! They are just so beautiful and stunning.

I did a little online research, hoping to find the answer to my problem, but all I could find was photoshopped images where creative minds had added white stars to photos of beads or crystals to sort of reproduce sparkle, which did not at all do justice to the real deal either and looked way too artificial for my taste.

I finally realized, that the secret of sparkle lies in movement (duh!!!…) and that taking photos would just not cut it. What faceted beads really need is A VIDEAO CAMERA!!! Now, check this out!!!!

Gee, why in the world did I not think about that earlier??…

P.S.: The Glam Good Luck Elephant bracelet is available at my store: It comes in an array of colors (brown, gold, silver, black, blue-green, red, purple, teal,…) If you can’t find it, somebody has probably just snatched it away. Please feel free to send me a message – happy to re-make one for you!


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