Super Sweet 500 Surprise Goodie Bag

This was quite the surprise to wake up to this morning – after a loooong night of work, work, work, I logged into my Facebook account and what did I see??? The lucky elephant had reached the big 500 milestone!!!!! 500 fans as off this morning – OMG, I am speechless {and blushing!!!}!!! Thank you all so very much for  your incredible Facebook L.O.V.E.!!

Time to have a little Sweet 500 Celebration, don’t you think??? You ready to celebrate, ready to win a Super Sweet 500 Surprise Goodie Bag???? Here’s how to: leave a comment below & on Facebook and and tell me your favorite color or color combination – that’s all!!! One lucky winner will be picked this coming Friday, July 1st at noon – with a little help from, as always!!!…




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48 responses to “Super Sweet 500 Surprise Goodie Bag

  1. Amber Ebert

    Always leaves comments and plaster your good name every where, hope I actually win something this time. lol

    • jennifer useda

      Congratulations!! I love the white and black and also the teal. 🙂 Such a wonderful place..gonna have to shop here soon!

  2. Tough call…I love SO many. I think at the moment I’m all about orange and gray. Then again, always love teal and yellow.

  3. Congrats on hitting 500!!
    My favorite color combination is turquoise and chocolate brown.

  4. I love lavender and blue! Congrats for reaching 500!

  5. I really love all of your multicolored sundance bracelets with the orange, aqua, red, etc. They are fabulous. I also love the white or black ones…so hard to choose:)

  6. Right now I am into the bright summer colors. The bright chartreuse green, bold pinks and yellows are my favorites 🙂

  7. Aubree

    Congrats on hitting 500!! 🙂 You deserve it, your jewelry is gorgeous!

    I am a big fan of the teal and brown that you have in your Etsy shop. The brown and coral is very nice too!

  8. Mallory

    I LOVE PINK!! And any other bright colors. I’m like a walking bag of skittles =]

  9. Congrats!! I love all the mix match bright colors 🙂

  10. Stephanie

    I love the turquoise,pink, and natural wrap bracelet!

  11. My favorite color right now is coral…loving all the natural shades along coral too. I’m glad to follow along, Congrats on your 500!!

  12. deana

    turquoise and brown!

  13. Bonnie S.

    First of all, I am OBSESSED with The Lucky Elephant, and second of all, I am OBSESSED with the color combo of turquoise and coral. Such a fun and summery arrangement!

  14. valeria

    my fov colores are green blue and pink

  15. I love the 3 in 1 Turquoise, Cream and Coral! So pretty! Congrats on the 500!!

  16. Gemma Porter

    brown leather with the african green opal and antique silver elephant button is georgeous!

  17. Andrea

    I Love everything. I think my favourite colour combo is blue and brown or your new pink and brown. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  18. Purple and turquoise are my favorite combos!!!

  19. Congrats on the 500 people!! Beautiful jewlery!!
    My favorite combo right now is pink and chocolate brown!

  20. Dana Pargament

    You are so talented, Elephants are our family favorite! My 13 yr old and I are drawn to them. I really love the African Opal : )

  21. I am currently in love with neutrals…a mix of browns, grays, ivory…some black. LOVE. Of course, I haven’t seen a design from you that I don’t LOVE!! 🙂

  22. Nicole

    Jeeze …. I LOVE soooo many ! I just got my coral one…Which I love and haven’t taken off since I got it !  So I’d have to say brown and teal … By itself or with pink added ! Congrats on 500 !!!!!!!

  23. Luisa

    Red is my favorite color.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your work !

  24. Congrats on 500 fans – you make delightful bracelets! And I love elephants. 🙂

    My favourite colours to wear are red and black. (Not my favourite colours in general, but in clothing/jewelry!)

    However the only reason I have not purchased one of your gorgeous bracelets, is because they all seem to use leather – I’m vegetarian and try to avoid wearing leather whenever possible. Some things can’t be avoided, like leather shoes, because they last much longer than synthetics… which is probably why you make your bracelets to last as long as possible with daily wear! But – would you please consider making alternative bracelets with a different, vegan type of material? 🙂

  25. I love them all but purple is so pretty… (=

  26. jenna

    I love the Brown and Coral and Sundance!

  27. Sky Blue and Brown for me!! Congrats on 500!

  28. Katy

    Congrats on the 500! The mulit-colored ones are all amazing, but yellow’s my favorite all-time color 🙂

  29. Karissa H

    What a great accomplishment! Turquoise & coral combo for me.

  30. Congrats on reaching 500 facebook fans!!! I’m so happy that I found your blog and everything, it makes me feel less crazy about loving elephants so dang much!!

    • I was so excited to leave you a comment I didn’t tell you my favorite color / color combo, Turquoise is my all time fav, but I do love it paired with the right shade of coral too!

  31. I can’t pick a favorite combination…surprise me? haha

  32. Leah

    Congrats!!!! I love light pink!!!! ;D

  33. Kimberley Shortt

    I have to say that tanzanite purple is my favourite colour! Congrats on the 500 likes!!! 🙂

  34. Jessica k

    Congrats on 500!! Very exciting! My favorite color combination is the one with the reds pinks and corals! Your jewelry is so beautiful!

  35. melissa

    yay congrats!! love the turquoise, cream and coral:)

  36. Congrats on 500!!! I love all of them! I tend to always buy dark colors, so I’m going to step out of my box and say my fav is that beautiful bright yellow you have! 🙂

  37. Congradulations on your 500, thats great! My favorite combination colors are aqua blue,seaform green and silver. I think they are so pretty together.

  38. My favourite colours are olive green and purple, but my favourite colour combo right now is pink & grey.

    Congrats on making it to 500!!!

  39. Can’t go wrong with black 😉

  40. Anything wit turquoise in it!

  41. Ally Lott

    I love them all but any turquoise/ teal ones are the best!

  42. Lindsey Wilson

    Congrats on your new mark! So excited that I have found your page&shop. I am planning a Vintage Carnival themed wedding for myself and have been DROOLING over your designs since discovering you. I would be tickled with any bright color combo. Thanks for the opportunity.

  43. I love the Brown and Turquoise Sundance bracelet, it is beautiful!!!

  44. Congratulations on your making 500 fans!

    I think the good luck color combo is beautiful

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