“Giving Back Wednesday” on Facebook

The lucky elephant blog took the summer off, but with the new school year in full swing and a little more free time during the day, it’s time to get back into full “blog swing” as well!!

As many of you know, the lucky elephant donates 10% of all it’s proceeds to Urban Initiatives – a Chicago based non profit organization that supports children from low income families in Chicago’s most underserved neighborhoods. It’s such a fantastic organization and I am proud to be able to donate parts of my proceeds to help their cause. I have been thinking about other ways of raising money for Urban Initiatives and today the idea of doing a silent auction came to mind. A silent auction where every dollar, every penny goes straight to Urban Initiatives and their amazing program. So this is what I did: I designed a one-of-a-kind lucky elephant double wrap and posted a silent auction on my Facebook wall. Everyone can bid on this exact bracelet by just leaving a comment under the post – right there! The auction will be open until Saturday and the highest bidder will get the bracelet. Please go to the lucky elephant on Facebook and look for the post “Giving Back Wednesday”).

Thanks for considering!!


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