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Seeing my bracelets in professional photo shoots adds a whole new dimension to everything I do every day – definitely the icing on the cake!!! Look at the pictures I just got back from Adora Models!

Awwww…… – I know, right!!!!! A huge thank you to Kristie Mason for all the fabulous photos, to Adora Models and, of course, to Morgan for being the cutest model any boutique could hope for!!



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Zooey Deschanel Is Getting A Lucky Elephant Bracelet!!!

Why is the star of the hit Fox series “New Girl”, Zooey Deschanel, so excited, you wonder???

Well, because she’s getting a lucky elephant bracelet!!! Yep, that’s right, one of my bracelets is going directly to Zooey Deschanel!! I am beyond excited that I have been given the opportunity to include one of my pieces in an exclusive gift bag for her filled with handmade goodies from members of The Artisan Group !!!

Just have to decide which one of my bracelets to send her!!… Ideas?? Suggestions??


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Just a little something that I love right now…

Outfit: Impressionen; Purse: Lucky Brand; Bracelet: the lucky elephant

Happy Sunday!!!


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Woot Woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!….

I am sooooo excited!!!!… Congratulations Lulu!!!!!! So happy for you!!!!! Many, many thanks for celebrating with us – wish we could all do the same with you now!!!!! I’ll be sending an email shortly with details.

Thank you to everyone who participated and a very special thanks to all our amazing sponsors!!! You inspire me every day and I am beyond grateful for your generosity!!!! xoxo


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2000 Fan Giveaway CLOSED!!!

The giveaway is now officially closed!!!

Many thanks to all who entered, left a comment, posted on Facebook and tweeted!!! You really out-did yourselves!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you – truly means a lot!!!!! If only I could give a bag full of prized to each and every one of you – I’d love that!!! But, much to my regret there can only be one… One lucky duck who gets it all!!!…

Who that is will be announced tomorrow, Saturday Nov. 12th (gotta do a little cross checking first…). Wiggling in your seat yet???


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Another entry to increase your chances to win!!!

Whoa, this is incredible!!! I am totally (utterly, completely, absolutely, entirely, …) stunned by your overwhelming response so far!! You really do want to win this, don’t you!!!!! Well, let me tell you something: you can get even closer today – by gaining yet another entry!!! Make sure you don’t miss it – the more entries the higher your chances that your name gets pulled in the end!! So, without further ado: ENTRY NUMBER THREE!!


1. You HAVE TO complete ENTRY NUMBER ONE = follow all vendors on Facebook. If you haven’t done that yet, click HERE.


2. Gain a SECOND ENTRY by completing ENTRY NUMBER TWO. If you haven’t done that yet, click HERE.


3. Score a THIRD ENTRY by completing ENTRY NUMBER THREE: follow ALL vendors on Twitter & become a follower of their blog. 

Just click on the vendor’s names listed below and you will automatically be re-directed to Twitter or the vendor’s blog. Click “Follow” (twitter) / “Friend connect”  (blogs). Once you’ve followed them all tweet about the giveaway tagging THE LUCKY ELEPHANT (see below). If you don’t have twitter, scroll all the way down!!!

Then come back here and leave a comment to let us know you did!!! 


the lucky elephant


Swanky Press

Cake Pop Fusion

Nikki In Stitches

Ribbon Revelry

Sweet Dough

Make it mine party

Anders Ruff

JP Creatibles

Good little things

Life is Balance


Jenna Bee’s Paper

The Spotted Olive

Pretty Little Party Shop / SandraDownie

A to Zebra Celebration

Twirlie Whirlies

Pop Of Chic

Release me creations

The rainy rose

Eye Candy Details



Modern Frills


Copy the following: 

“@t_luckyelephant is having an amazing giveaway at and I entered to win!”

and tweet HERE!


If you don’t have a Twitter account, no worries, you can still get a third entry in!!! Post this on your FB wall instead:

“@The Lucky Elephant – I hope to win the 2000 Fan Giveaway !!!”

Once you’re done, come back here and leave a comment to let us know you did!



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Giveaway Entry Number Two


Wow, you seem to be just as excited about this giveaway as I am!!! So many entries and posts in the first few days!!! Would be so nice to win, wouldn’t it!!! Of course, such great prizes require a little bit of work…  But, the good news is, the biggest chunk of work is done – assuming that you completed entry number one: “LIKE” all vendors on Facebook from your personal profile. That’s a MUST!! If you haven’t done that yet, make sure you do.  No cheating, please!!!  Entries will be cross checked at the end!!!

To increase your chances to win, you can add an additional entry today – how cool is that!? Get ahead of the crowd and hurry!!! Here’s the SECOND CHANCE for you to win this amazing giveaway!! 




Remember, you HAVE TO complete entry number one first!!! No one can enter the giveaway without completing the first entry (liking ALL vendors on Facebook)!!! If you haven’t completed the first entry yet, please CLICK HERE!!! If you’ve liked everyone, please read on…



Post about the giveaway on your Facebook wall. Tag the lucky elephant and TWO other vendors in your post. 

You could say something like…”@The Lucky Elephant is celebrating 2000 fans with a HUGE giveaway and I so hope to win amazing goodies by @xyz and @xyz.” 

Make sure you TAG the lucky elephant plus TWO OTHER VENDORS and leave the post on your wall for us to see! Then come back here and leave another comment! 




More chances to gain extra entries are coming up – stay tuned and check your Facebook wall for updates & announcements!



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