Giveaway Entry Number Two


Wow, you seem to be just as excited about this giveaway as I am!!! So many entries and posts in the first few days!!! Would be so nice to win, wouldn’t it!!! Of course, such great prizes require a little bit of work…  But, the good news is, the biggest chunk of work is done – assuming that you completed entry number one: “LIKE” all vendors on Facebook from your personal profile. That’s a MUST!! If you haven’t done that yet, make sure you do.  No cheating, please!!!  Entries will be cross checked at the end!!!

To increase your chances to win, you can add an additional entry today – how cool is that!? Get ahead of the crowd and hurry!!! Here’s the SECOND CHANCE for you to win this amazing giveaway!! 




Remember, you HAVE TO complete entry number one first!!! No one can enter the giveaway without completing the first entry (liking ALL vendors on Facebook)!!! If you haven’t completed the first entry yet, please CLICK HERE!!! If you’ve liked everyone, please read on…



Post about the giveaway on your Facebook wall. Tag the lucky elephant and TWO other vendors in your post. 

You could say something like…”@The Lucky Elephant is celebrating 2000 fans with a HUGE giveaway and I so hope to win amazing goodies by @xyz and @xyz.” 

Make sure you TAG the lucky elephant plus TWO OTHER VENDORS and leave the post on your wall for us to see! Then come back here and leave another comment! 




More chances to gain extra entries are coming up – stay tuned and check your Facebook wall for updates & announcements!




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79 responses to “Giveaway Entry Number Two

  1. I shared this amazing giveaway on my fb page – and I gave my 3 extra shout outs to JP Creatibles & Sweet Dough! I really want to win!!!

  2. Mallory

    Done!!! I’ve tagged you, horsefeathers and sweet dough in my post!


    Posted and tagged The Lucky Elephant plus two vendors on Facebook, as Despina Vnt


  4. Sandra Rinaldi

    Done! So that’s how you get it to tag, put @ in front of the name! Do I need to go back to every vendor now and leave another comment that shows up with “Lucky Elephant” tagged, or is it enough that I commented on each page and liked each page?

  5. Melody Stroud

    Entry #2 done! Thanks again!

  6. Ok Entry #2 is done- Thanks to all the wonderful vendors!

  7. I am so glad I went back and double checked all my “likes” from the first entry. There are a couple I missed! I posted my #2 entry. Fingers and toes crossed!

  8. Sabrina Maria

    I’ve posted my second entry! Thanks again for the awesome giveaway!

  9. Second Entry! I posted ‎The Lucky Elephant is celebrating 2000 fans with a huge giveaway, so I hope to win amazing goodies by Anders Ruff Custom Designs and Cake Pop Fusion! on my Facebook wall as Mandi Navarre Eschenbach.

  10. Liz Harvey

    Entered #2 on my wall!!! Would love to win an item from this great great giveaway!! But more importantly, congrats to everyone at TLE for reaching some many fans ❤

  11. Jennifer Stevens

    Done! Thanks for the second entry. I’m so exicted. Can’t wait to see who wins all these wonderful gifts. 🙂

  12. Posted on my wall. Thanks guys!

  13. Nancy Veitenhans

    Entry #2 complete. Thanks for giving us extra entry chances. 🙂

  14. Just posted your contest to my wall and tagged The Lucky Elephant, and my two favorite cookie friends…JP Creatibles and Sweet Dough! 😉 Thanks!

  15. I wanted to tag everyone in my share — but the little window wouldn’t cooperate so gave a shout out to 6, Abounding Treasures, Lucky Elephant, Anders Ruff Designs, Happy Deliveries Letterpress, HorseFeathers, and Good Little Things but I think they all deserve a shout out !!!

  16. I did it! FB was being mean and wouldn’t let me tag @the lucky elephant, but I tagged @ribbon revelry and @atutudes!

  17. Andrea

    I posted on my wall for the Lucky Elephant, La Couture Amore and JP Creatibles. 🙂 Thanks!

  18. Susan Brown

    Just posted my tag for The Lucky Elephant, Anders Ruff, and A to Zebra Celebrations!

  19. Loving the “game”….AND loving all the new pages I have “liked” from this giveaway. I was able to actually look at the pages today! Some outstanding creative people out there!!!

  20. Amanda Andresen

    Just posted to my page for the second entry. Again, what a fabulous givaway! Thanks!

  21. Second entry…. Done! :0)

  22. Lori Grice

    omg! i’m so very excited — am hoping this is my lucky time (i never win anything, but always feel lucky anyway!)…. thank you so much for these incredible opportunities! 2nd chance at winning, rules followed and have complied to requirements to the best of my abilities! 😉 fingers crossed!

  23. kindra baron

    Shared about the giveaway & tagged you plus 2 other vendors on my FB page!

    Kindra Baron

  24. shared on my facebook and tweeted too! What an awesome giveaway! ❤

  25. I did it! So exciting!!!!

  26. It was hard to choose only two to tag but I did…. =) I posted to my facebook wall about the contest and tagged The Lucky Elephant, Pinky Toes & A to Zebra Celebrations… =) Thanks again!!!
    Heidi Campbell

  27. I shared the giveaway and added to additional amazing vendors 🙂

  28. I talked about the giveaway and tagged The Lucky Elephant and two other vendors 🙂

  29. Entry #2 done! Thanks for these awesome prizes and fun way to win them!

  30. Heather Weisenfels

    I have went through each @ put the lucky elephant in each comment but it’s not showing has a tag. Do I need to go back through & redo each one?

    Ive posted a link to the giveaway
    & posting & tagging on my FB wall to.
    So this is entry number two. Thank u again

    • Heather Weisenfels

      I went back through all of them & put a @ in front of it. Some still are not tagging but u can see my @ in front if your Name.
      Do I need to go back again & retry?
      Thank you so much for thus chance!!
      Sorry about the Trouble with my tagging..

  31. Heather Weisenfels

    Here is what I put for my second entry:

    @The Lucky Elephant is have a great giveaway! There is items from over 30 different creative artist in it. Here is just a few of them..

    Go check it out!

  32. Entry #2 done!
    Posted the following on my FB page and tagged!
    The Lucky Elephant is celebrating 2000 fans with a HUGE giveaway and I so hope to win amazing goodies by HorseFeathers Gifts and Jenna Bee’s Paper Creations!!!

  33. Deb

    I Posted about the giveaway on your Facebook wall. Tagged the lucky elephant and TWO other vendors in your post French Feather Designs and
    Cake Pop Fusion for my second entry.

  34. Rachel Bauman

    Entry #2 done…I tagged you, Sweet Dough and Atutudes!

  35. #2 done – horsefeather gifts and sweet dough both tagged. tweeted too! i would love to win, what an incredible collection of artists!

  36. Left a comment on my facebook page tagging the lucky elephant, anders ruff and cake pop fusion

  37. I posted on Facebook but forgot to come tell you! haha

  38. Shannon Gallagher

    Posted about this on my page (Shannon Jaymesmom Gallagher) and tagged The Lucky Elephant, Abounding Treasures Designs and Beach House Living! Thank you!!

    lovescrissangel at hotmail dot com

  39. Jaci Smith

    Entry #2 is complete. Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Jaci Smith

    Entry #2 is done! I tagged you, horsefeathers & signs of vintage!

  41. I posted on my facebook and tagged you, HorseFeather Gifts, The Spotted Olive, and Atutudes! I know its only two, but I wanted to tag these three!! HEHE!! LOTS OF LOVE!

  42. The “Lucky Elephant” is totally amazing for giving many of us this amazing opportunity to win a gorgeous piece of ART. Especially, with the meanings behind each bracelet!!! You all completely ROCK!!! Thank-you for this great chance….
    Mucho love & taco’s, Kelli
    P.s, I have also posted on FB and shouted out to “Pop of Chic” & “SSS”.

  43. Sara Suitor

    Second entry done with shout outs to Cake Pops and Sweet Dough.

  44. Done! Really excited for this!

    HorseFeathers Gifts and Happy Deliveries Letterpress are who I tagged 🙂

  45. Melanie Briggs

    Entry #2 complete

  46. Posted my second entry!!! Yay! So excited, these sites are all pretty cool…thanks for the introduction to them. 🙂

  47. Aubree

    Done! So excited about this giveaway! Thank you for putting this all together and to all of your sponsors! 🙂

  48. #2 entry done!

    “The Lucky Elephant is celebrating 2000 fans with a HUGE giveaway and I so hope to win amazing goodies by JP Creatibles and Sweet Dough!”

  49. Natalie lewis

    This iss my 2nd entry hope I have some good luck!!

  50. Jennifer Jernigan

    Just let my post on my page for The Lucky Elephant, HorseFeathers Gifts and Cake Pop Fusion!!!

  51. angie booher

    Did step #2. Tagged The Lucky Elephant, Vintage signs, and Modern frills.

  52. I’ve completed entry #2 & tweeted again!

  53. I’ve completed all requirements, like all facebook pages, follower on twitter & receive your newsletter & follow your blog!

  54. Trina Fornoff

    I Love all of the new vendors I’ve found but my husband and bank account sure won’t be! Thank you!

  55. Allison

    Just finished the second chance to win!! So excited!! 😀

  56. Courtney Kaloyanides

    I posted the following as my status: The Lucky Elephant is celebrating 2000 fans with a HUGE giveaway and I so hope to win amazing goodies by Good Little Things and Nikki, In Stitches!

    Courtney Kaloyanides

  57. caitlyn collins

    Shared this giveaway on my facebook wall!

    Caitlyn Collins

  58. Anna M

    I just posted it on my wall!

  59. erin noie

    woohoo for a 2nd chance!! love everything, especially good little things and signs of vintage!

    Erin C. Noie

  60. erin noie

    woohoo for a 2nd chance!! love everything, especially good little things and signs of vintage!

    Erin C. Noie

  61. erin noie

    I tweeted!! @erinnoie

    Erin Noie

  62. I completed Entry 2!!! Can’t wait!!

  63. Second entry complete!! *fingers crossed!!!*

    Amber Fatima Shah

  64. Finished entry number 2 tagging you, Good Little Things, and Ribbon Reverly!

  65. Monica Salazar

    Ok…I did it! Hope I win. 🙂

  66. i posted about the contest on my wall

  67. julie

    I posted, “The Lucky Elephant is celebrating their reaching of 2000 fans, so they’re having this amazing Big giveaway. I’m hoping to win some awesome goodies from vendors such as Modern Mommy Crochet and Beach House Living!”
    Hope to win big! 🙂

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