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the lucky elephant™ “What’s YOUR Style” Contest Entries

I’m very excited!!! The first picture entries for the new contest have started to come in!!! Yay!!!  I decided to present the entries not only on a specially designed Pinterest board, but also right here on my blog. This post will be updated continuously throughout the duration of the contest!

Elephants accessorized…


So precious!


Wish I could go there…

Elephants all over.

Absolutely stunning!

I’d totally wear this. 

Elephants and shoes…

Sweet little girl.

One of a kind!

May good luck be your friend in whatever you do!

Bold and happy!

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry

Source: Kevin and Linds’ Blog

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry S. Rindaldi

Made by Kathy Kuo Home.

Classy & fun – happy & lucky. 

An accidental discovery…

Nothing prettier than a well stacked wrist! 

Lovely collage!

Up close.

the lucky elephant™ contest picture entry

Beautiful & happy customer.

After a long night…

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry - Polyvore set

Cool and relaxed the lucky elephant™ Set on Polyvore.

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry


the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry

A fun collage!

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry

A very special piece of art.

This is so much fun!! I’m loving all the entries!!!! Keep those pictures coming!!! 🙂 Many, many thanks for participating and the best of luck!!!



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Elephant Love

Just a quick post to wish you all a very LOVELY weekend!!!

Elephant Love art print by Jenim Design

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Elephants From A to Z!

Need a gift for one of you elephant loving friends? Here’s an idea for you. Hop over to Etsy, click on Treasury and do a little search by keyword “elephant”. You will be amazed!! There are so many incredibly talented artisans out there who create the most unique elephantilicious pieces of art – you will have a hard time to choose just one! A little taste??? No problem, here you go…

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She Believed She Could…


Hope you believe too! Much WordPressLove to all who DO!!!

[Print by Moderne Motive]

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I certainly knew, but did YOU???…. {hee hee}

Want to tell the world? Snorgtees can help!

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A tweet by Prettypearbride a few days ago reminded me of a Roald Dahl quote that one of my readers sent in during the last LUCKY ELEPHANT CONTEST How about that for the motto of the day (week, month, year, life??!…)?

By: Roald Dahl

Nod, nod, right?!

Thanks, Samantha, for sharing some perspective and making me smile!


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True Love Day

I saw this beautiful piece of art some time before Valentine’s Day, decided it would make the perfect Valentine’s post, bookmarked it, uploaded it, wrote a little something, saved the draft, … and totally forgot about it, until a few minutes ago!!! Sometimes I wish, that aside from incredible, unique treasures like the art print below, Etsy would offer some plain basics too – a box of pretty little brain cells for instance… Could definitely use some here and there!

But then again, maybe it was a sign that my brain forgot!?! Why not make everyday Valentine’s Day? I should say that I am not a big Valentine’s person to begin with, so I figured I post the print just because today! March 1st 2011: True Love Day!!!

8×10 art print by Fewandfar on Etsy.

Happy, happy!!

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