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the lucky elephant™ “What’s YOUR Style” Contest Entries

I’m very excited!!! The first picture entries for the new contest have started to come in!!! Yay!!!  I decided to present the entries not only on a specially designed Pinterest board, but also right here on my blog. This post will be updated continuously throughout the duration of the contest!

Elephants accessorized…


So precious!


Wish I could go there…

Elephants all over.

Absolutely stunning!

I’d totally wear this. 

Elephants and shoes…

Sweet little girl.

One of a kind!

May good luck be your friend in whatever you do!

Bold and happy!

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry

Source: Kevin and Linds’ Blog

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry S. Rindaldi

Made by Kathy Kuo Home.

Classy & fun – happy & lucky. 

An accidental discovery…

Nothing prettier than a well stacked wrist! 

Lovely collage!

Up close.

the lucky elephant™ contest picture entry

Beautiful & happy customer.

After a long night…

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry - Polyvore set

Cool and relaxed the lucky elephant™ Set on Polyvore.

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry


the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry

A fun collage!

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry

A very special piece of art.

This is so much fun!! I’m loving all the entries!!!! Keep those pictures coming!!! 🙂 Many, many thanks for participating and the best of luck!!!



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the lucky elephant photo shoot

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Help and Win Giveaway!!

A very dear business friend of mine, Nikki Cutro needs our HELP!!!!! Her house burned down this morning and she lost everything she owned. She was rescued by a neighbor and taken to the Hospital, but, luckily, she is in stable condition and was discharged. Nikki has no health insurance and is in need of immediate help to get back on her feet and to replace even the most basic necessities. I can’t even begin to imagine what she must be going through and I would love to, at the very least, help ease her financial worries and  provide immediate funds for anything she needs right away.

Together, I know, we can make a huge difference in her life!!!  Usually, giveaways are all about winning. This time it’s a little bit different. This time it’s about HELPING & WINNING. Help with a donation of $10 or greater and enter my fabulous giveaway for a chance to win a 5-wrap lucky elephant “SUNDANCE” bracelet!

A $179 bracelet: potentially yours for a donation as low as $10 and as high as you can afford to go.

Click HERE to make your donation and come back, leave a comment to let us know you did! The giveaway will end on Feb.8th. Winner will be announced on Feb. 9th.

Many, many thanks for your help!!!!!!

P.S.: No cheating, please. Please keep in mind, all entries will be cross checked.

P.P.S.: Winner will be picked by

Donate for a chance to win  HERE!


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The New Lucky Elephant Spring Collection

A few new Spring 2012 bracelets… Now available in my store. Enjoy!!!

the lucky elephant

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Style Trend 2012

the lucky elephant photo shoot 2012

The stacked wrist has become a style tattoo these past few seasons. There’s nothing cooler than a well stacked wrist, one that’s loaded with all sorts of different styles: bangles, leather wraps, friendship bracelets, an oversized watch…in this case, more is simply…more! Now, just add a lucky elephant bracelet like my model did and you’ll have a beautifully balanced stack and some extra luck coming your way.

Make sure to head over to my store to check out my latest designs.

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A taste of summer…

Outfits: Web Images; Nail Polish: O.P.I.; “Sundance” Bracelet: the lucky elephant

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More Winter Fashion…

For the all young (or young at heart….) fashionistas out there:

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