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The New Lucky Elephant Spring Collection

A few new Spring 2012 bracelets… Now available in my store. Enjoy!!!

the lucky elephant


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Style Trend 2012

the lucky elephant photo shoot 2012

The stacked wrist has become a style tattoo these past few seasons. There’s nothing cooler than a well stacked wrist, one that’s loaded with all sorts of different styles: bangles, leather wraps, friendship bracelets, an oversized watch…in this case, more is simply…more! Now, just add a lucky elephant bracelet like my model did and you’ll have a beautifully balanced stack and some extra luck coming your way.

Make sure to head over to my store to check out my latest designs.

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Silver Peony, The New Black.

Get YOUR neutrals out.



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Add A Touch of Summer to Your Winter…

Why settle for dark…??

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Just a little something that I love right now…

Outfit: Impressionen; Purse: Lucky Brand; Bracelet: the lucky elephant

Happy Sunday!!!


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Elephants From A to Z!

Need a gift for one of you elephant loving friends? Here’s an idea for you. Hop over to Etsy, click on Treasury and do a little search by keyword “elephant”. You will be amazed!! There are so many incredibly talented artisans out there who create the most unique elephantilicious pieces of art – you will have a hard time to choose just one! A little taste??? No problem, here you go…

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Summer Can’t Be Far…

This has officially been the weirdest summer ever. It’s mid June and I’m still freezing – even with my jacket on!!! Waiting for the sun to finally come and stick around for longer than a day or two. I just hope the sun will be gentle! Not going from 30 and freezing to 90 and humid in a day!!! Some sort of “transition weather” first would be nice… To at least be able to kind of adjust a bit and to have the time to take jacket and scarf up to, and sun dress and tank top down from the attic. But that might be a lot to ask for around here. We live in Chicago after all…

Luckily, today was an ok day weather-wise. Enough sun and blue sky to almost forget about the chilly temperatures… Enough to make me put on my sandals no matter what (yes, my feet were cold all day!! Who am I kidding…). Enough to make me sit outside with wine and cheese even though my toes and nose said “Go in the house!”… Enough to put on a white shirt and colorful summer jewels… My summer look on this fall-like day:

Can you feel the sun???…


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