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My  internet is finally  fixed – phew!!! – and everything is back to normal. Thank goodness!! So sorry for keeping you waiting longer than announced!!

This was a fun contest!  Many, many thanks for commenting and sending in so many amazing pictures! I loved them all and wish I could just send each and every one of you a well deserved prize! But there can only be one… or TWO I should say: one winner for each part!

Without further ado, here are our winners:

Winner of Part 1 (chosen by Kelly Fetzko

Winner of Part 2 (picked by a trusted jury of elephant lovers):  A. Freijlich. Thank you for your beautiful collage!!

Congratulations ladies!! I will send a separate email with more details shortly!!


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the lucky elephant™ “What’s YOUR Style” Contest Entries

I’m very excited!!! The first picture entries for the new contest have started to come in!!! Yay!!!  I decided to present the entries not only on a specially designed Pinterest board, but also right here on my blog. This post will be updated continuously throughout the duration of the contest!

Elephants accessorized…


So precious!


Wish I could go there…

Elephants all over.

Absolutely stunning!

I’d totally wear this. 

Elephants and shoes…

Sweet little girl.

One of a kind!

May good luck be your friend in whatever you do!

Bold and happy!

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry

Source: Kevin and Linds’ Blog

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry S. Rindaldi

Made by Kathy Kuo Home.

Classy & fun – happy & lucky. 

An accidental discovery…

Nothing prettier than a well stacked wrist! 

Lovely collage!

Up close.

the lucky elephant™ contest picture entry

Beautiful & happy customer.

After a long night…

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry - Polyvore set

Cool and relaxed the lucky elephant™ Set on Polyvore.

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry


the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry

A fun collage!

the lucky elephant™ Contest Entry

A very special piece of art.

This is so much fun!! I’m loving all the entries!!!! Keep those pictures coming!!! 🙂 Many, many thanks for participating and the best of luck!!!


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“What’s YOUR Style” the lucky elephant™ Contest

It’s been so long since I’ve had the last “Lucky Elephant Contest” – way too long, I know. To make up for the very many days (months…) without, I decided to make it a really fun one this time with TWO PRIZES FOR TWO LUCKY WINNERS!!!!

The contest is all about YOU, YOUR STYLE, YOUR LOVE FOR ELEPHANTS, YOUR CREATIVITY! Entering will require a little bit of work on your end, but the prizes will be well worth it: TWO (!!) the lucky elephant™ leather wraps with a total value of $140. There’s two parts to this contest – each part with a different the lucky elephant™ bracelet waiting for you at the finish line! You can enter both parts for a chance to win both bracelets! The rules…

Contest Part 1 – Prize 1 (Value $60):

1. Become a fan on Facebook 

2. Leave a comment below and tell me which the lucky elephant™ you like the best in my store.

Contest Part 2 – Prize 2 (Value $80):

1. POST A PICTURE on my Facebook Wall or send it to me via email ( Leave a comment below and let me know you did.

Not ANY picture, of course, no no no… It has to be a picture WITH AN ELEPHANT in it and the most creative, most unique entry wins!!!! Here are your picture options:

a) a picture of yourself wearing your own the lucky elephant™ bracelet (just like Jamie below):

b) a collage featuring your favorite the lucky elephant™ bracelet and an outfit you’d wear it with  (browse current and past items in my store and find an outfit to go with it –> a collage can be done in a snap with any picture editing software)

c) a Polyvore set that you’ve created containing a the lucky elephant™ bracelet

d) your favorite the lucky elephant™ bracelet

Coral Leather Wrap Bracelet by  the lucky elephant™

e) a picture of your favorite non-jewelry elephant – t-shirt, candle holder, wall art, stuffed animal, tatoo, home decor, pillow,…

All images will be put on a special board on Pinterest to have them all in one place!

Please keep in mind: the most unique entry wins part 2 of the contest, so BE CREATIVE & MAKE IT PRETTY, but most importantly have fun!!! 🙂

Make sure to enter both parts of the contest to increase your chances to win!!!!! So excited to see what you come up with!!!!

The winner of Prize 1 will be picked via The winner of prize 2 will be picked by a  jury of experienced fashionistas and elephant lovers.

Contest will end on FRIDAY, JUNE 1st 2012!

Good luck to you all!


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I was so ready and excited to announce the winner last night, but then, all of  a sudden, my internet collapsed and wouldn’t cooperate… Argh… Glad it’s fixed again!! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo, let’s get to it. The winner………….

 {Woot woot} Congratulations HALEY– it’s you!!!!!!!!!!!!! {Woot woot}

I’ll send you an email soon so we can discuss details!!


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The Sundance Triple Wrap goes to….

So many tweets, comments, posts – I’m speechless and flattered that you all took the time to stop by, leave a comment, tweet a tweet , post a post , and, most importantly, that you really wanted this bracelet so badly! That’s such an awesome compliment! THANK YOU ALL!!!

Now, let’s find out whether you did or didn’t, shall we??? Picked by (yet again, without cheating or peeking) the Good Luck Elephant Sundance triple wrap goeeeeeees tooooooo…………. Barbie!!  {Woot Woot}  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I gotta say, you really earned it, girl!!! You are my tweet, post and comment Queen this month! Awesome and, as it turns out now, worth it, right?!?!?!

P.S.: I’ll be sending you an email soon to discuss details. Until then… – enjoy the joy! 🙂


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Lucky Elephant Contest April ’11

Ready to win BIG???

I am sooo excited for this month’s Lucky Elephant Contest!!! You have probably been waiting already and I apologize for the little delay, but the lucky elephant was out these past couple of weeks. Bead shopping… – aka vacation in the sun with bead shopping on the side (wink, wink). A perfect combination (for me anyway)… Batteries re-charged, soul sun-infused & happy AND a suitcase full of fabulous beads and findings. Ready to get into contest-swing again!

With the temperature climbing steadily and the sun out a lot more, it’s time to lighten up our wardrobe and add a few splashes of color to it. With a little luck, a lot of color, actually… Here’s what you might call your own in a few weeks:

A Sundance triple GOOD LUCK ELEPHANT leather wrap bracelet (brown leather with faceted crystal, turquoise, coral, sterling silver beads, Jade & natural stone). A $85 value!!!!!

How to win? Well, it’s a BIG prize, so I’m gonna make you work a little harder this time… 😉 What you need to do:

1. Leave a comment right here

2. Join me on Facebook and let me know you did.

3. Tweet about it (copy the URL of this post and add @t_luckyelephant so I know you did)

4. Share the link on your Facebook page.

You don’t have to do it all, but the more you do, the greater your chances… You have time until May 13th to collect “spreading points” – that’s when the contest ends.

Wishing you all luck and am so looking forward to reading what you have to say…



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Woot Woot – Someone got Lucky!

Wow, this was incredible!! The best contest so far! Thank you so much everyone for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my lucky wedding elephants!! I had a blast and, yet again, many smiles on my face thanks to your sweet stories and kind words! After counting all your votes and getting to help,there are two winners of the March lucky elephant contest: a winner elephant and a winner person! (After all, I asked you to pick your favorite of the three featured bracelets, right? Therefore, it seems only fair to not only pick the winning person, but also the winning elephant!)

Here’s your No.1 elephant:

Vintage inspired GOOD LUCK ELEPHANT wedding bracelet with the most votes of all- No. 1 not only by one vote , or two, or three – but by far!!!

And, the winning person??… You ready? Ok, then, without further ado…

[Woot, woot, wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot…]

The winner of the March lucky elephant contest iiiiiiiiiiiiis:  Christine!!!!

Congratulations, Christine!!!! I can’t believe picked a bride-to-be as the lucky winner!! What a great coincidence! Hope you are as excited as I am!!? I will be in touch via email soon to discuss further details! In the meantime, a little victory dance maybe??…

Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t get lucky this time – the next contest is just around the corner!!! And it’s going to be a GOOOOOOD one, I promise!! Remember to check back in a few days or simply subscribe to my blog to get notified when the April contest begins.


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