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1930’s Wedding

If you’re getting married some time soon and are the kind of bride who likes to do things a little bit differently, here’s some inspiration for you!!! I am so proud to be part of this amazing photo shoot -styled by the fabulous Sarah from Giggar Makup Artistry.

Giggar Makeup Artistry

Giggar Makeup Artistry

Giggar Makeup Artistry

Giggar Makup Artistry

the lucky elephant leather wrap bracelets - vintage-inspired wedding collection

P.S.: The vintage-inspired lucky elephant leather wrap comes in various lengths and colors. To see options, please click here.

P.P.S.: More details can be found on Art Deco Weddings.


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There are so many incredibly beautiful treasuries on Etsy and it’s such a shame that so many go unnoticed to so many of us. Time to change that! New on my blog: EtsyLove!!! Weekly (sometimes daily…) features of complete Etsy treasuries for you to enjoy and get inspired!

Please feel free to shoot me an email if you see a treasury you think should be featured here! Would love to hear from you!!!


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Everyday Vintage

I found these absolutely stunning, quarter size rhinestone buttons the other day and bought them as an alternative closure for my vintage wedding line. When a new shipment of perfectly soft nude leather arrived at my door step, I thought, mmmm, why not try to make an everyday vintage wrap and use the new rhinestone button for it… So, here you go, the newest addition to my lucky elephant collection: Everyday Vintage Triple Wrap…

I don’t have the pretty dress yet, but I’m wearing mine with an all white outfit and am loving it!!! Think I found a new summer favorite…

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The Perfect Short Vintage Wedding Dress

Every so often I see a picture of a wedding dress and fall in love instantly. Just happened about 5 minutes ago. Isn’t this the most beautiful vintage wedding dress ever (“Beverlywood” by Dolly Couture)? Absolutely stunning! Imagine a vintage inspired lucky elephant with it… – awwww……


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Mix and Match Bridesmaids

There’s weddings that match and then there’s weddings that don’t. Personally, I have a thing for the one’s that don’t. Mixing and matching of styles and colors, shoes and dresses, accessories and flowers, is such a great and fun way to create weddings that are not only very personal and sort of intimate, but also truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Not to mention entertaining! Don’t know about you, but I am always amazed by how incredibly creative some people are in terms of expressing their own personality in every little detail of their wedding. A rainbow of rubber boots, unusual dresses and shoes, one-of-a-kind necklaces & bracelets, stylish belts, a potpourri of flowers, handcrafted clutches,… – everything designed to allow us a glimpse at the personality of bride and groom without even knowing them, mixed and matched to perfection! What’s not to love?!?!

And, speaking of one-of-a-kind jewelry, there’s, of course, a lucky elephant bracelet for every color …

Top Picture : Rainbow; Jewel Tone; Yellow; Peach; Brown; Pink&Yellow;  Middle Picture: Mixed Flower; Mexican; Neutrals; Mixed Flower2; Pastels; Mixed One-Color; Bottom Picture: Purple

Happy mixing and matching!


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Woot Woot – Someone got Lucky!

Wow, this was incredible!! The best contest so far! Thank you so much everyone for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my lucky wedding elephants!! I had a blast and, yet again, many smiles on my face thanks to your sweet stories and kind words! After counting all your votes and getting to help,there are two winners of the March lucky elephant contest: a winner elephant and a winner person! (After all, I asked you to pick your favorite of the three featured bracelets, right? Therefore, it seems only fair to not only pick the winning person, but also the winning elephant!)

Here’s your No.1 elephant:

Vintage inspired GOOD LUCK ELEPHANT wedding bracelet with the most votes of all- No. 1 not only by one vote , or two, or three – but by far!!!

And, the winning person??… You ready? Ok, then, without further ado…

[Woot, woot, wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot…]

The winner of the March lucky elephant contest iiiiiiiiiiiiis:  Christine!!!!

Congratulations, Christine!!!! I can’t believe picked a bride-to-be as the lucky winner!! What a great coincidence! Hope you are as excited as I am!!? I will be in touch via email soon to discuss further details! In the meantime, a little victory dance maybe??…

Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t get lucky this time – the next contest is just around the corner!!! And it’s going to be a GOOOOOOD one, I promise!! Remember to check back in a few days or simply subscribe to my blog to get notified when the April contest begins.


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One-of-a-kind Wedding

The more pictures I see of vintage weddings the more I wish I could get married again… If I could, I would totally, totally do vintage! So pretty and different! Just take a look at Lovejune‘s shop on Etsy! Wedding dresses that are just drop dead gorgeous! It would, of course, help to be as stunningly beautiful as the model in the picture, but even if not, the dress is a dream!!

Wedding dress: Lovejune; LOVE photo art: Amelia Kay Photography; Wood note book: Quotesandnotes; Bracelet: the lucky elephant;Love garland: Funkyshique

Perfect, isn’t it? Thank God for Etsy and it’s amazingly creative sellers!!! Whatever you need and more – it’s all there! More beautiful and unique than you would ever be able to find it anywhere else – for a truly one-of-a-kind wedding that reflects your personality and style down to the last detail. And so convenient, too. One stop, a few clicks and you’re all set to wow your guests.


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