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Elephantilicious Cupcake Fondue

I stumbled upon this super cute dessert idea on Pint Size Social the other day: cupcake fondue…. Delicious little mini cupcakes dipped into frosting and dunked into sprinkles as deep or as often as desired. Mmmmm, yummo!!!! Could it get any better? Dessert heaven!!! Just imagine sweet little fingers covered in frosting and sprinkles, cute faces glowing with excitement – sticky all over… Make them happy -skip the usual birthday cake at your little one’s next birthday party, get the fondue pot out, a bunch of mini cupcakes, an assortment of sprinkles and frosting, melted chocolate (there has got to be chocolate!!…) and watch their eyes grow wide!! So much fun!!!

To make it even sweeter, throw a few elephants in the mix  – for a fun Elephantilicious Cupcake Fondue!! Cupcakes dipped into elephant sprinkles, placed into cheerful cupcake wrappers, served on colorful elephant plates, sitting on personalized elephant placemats, topped with cute, handcrafted elephant cupcake toppers and all that in a room decorated with bright and cheerful garlands looking like sprinkles on a string! Grab a few cellophane bags, wrap a cupcake for each guest and ready is your very unique, not so typical goodie bag!

Cupcake Fondue

3 cups powdered sugar
1/3 cup liquid (orange juice, fruit juice, milk, or water)
2 tablespoons light corn syrup
Miniature-size cupcakes in the flavor of your choice, cooled and unfrosted
Assorted sprinkles, chopped nuts, and other toppings

1.Make a batch of your favorite mini cupcakes – homemade or from a mix. Make them nice and small so you don’t feel guilty about enjoying 2 or 3 of them. If you use paper liners for baking, remove them after the cupcakes have cooled. Pound cake or any other firm cake works well for skewering, but any cake will do. I used a simple yellow box-mix cake. Allow to cool completely before dipping.

2. Make the fondue: Whisk together powdered sugar, orange juice, and corn syrup.  Adjust the consistency with a drop of liquid or a dash more powdered sugar until you get have a smooth, thick glaze.  I used orange juice for the liquid portion to give it a citrus flavor and cheese-like yellow fondue color.  You could also use grape juice for a pastel purple, or milk/water and add your own coloring.

3. Pour frosting into the fondue pot.  There’s really no need to heat the mixture, but you can keep a small tea light or very low flame underneath just for looks!  Display sprinkles and toppings in small ramekins or portion cups and arrange around the fondue pot.  Skewer cupcakes in the side and dip the top half into the fondue, then flip the cupcake over and the frosting will drip nicely down the sides.  Sprinkle liberally with your favorite toppings.

Garland: tinamagee; Placemat: mypersonalizedtshirt; Cupcake Wrapper: Etsy; Cupcake Topper: CherryBlossomWay ; Elephant Sprinkles: Oriental Trading;

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Mix and Match Bridesmaids

There’s weddings that match and then there’s weddings that don’t. Personally, I have a thing for the one’s that don’t. Mixing and matching of styles and colors, shoes and dresses, accessories and flowers, is such a great and fun way to create weddings that are not only very personal and sort of intimate, but also truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Not to mention entertaining! Don’t know about you, but I am always amazed by how incredibly creative some people are in terms of expressing their own personality in every little detail of their wedding. A rainbow of rubber boots, unusual dresses and shoes, one-of-a-kind necklaces & bracelets, stylish belts, a potpourri of flowers, handcrafted clutches,… – everything designed to allow us a glimpse at the personality of bride and groom without even knowing them, mixed and matched to perfection! What’s not to love?!?!

And, speaking of one-of-a-kind jewelry, there’s, of course, a lucky elephant bracelet for every color …

Top Picture : Rainbow; Jewel Tone; Yellow; Peach; Brown; Pink&Yellow;  Middle Picture: Mixed Flower; Mexican; Neutrals; Mixed Flower2; Pastels; Mixed One-Color; Bottom Picture: Purple

Happy mixing and matching!


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Vintage oh so Modern

If you’re into contemporary vintage for your wedding look, check these bridal boots out! Please say hi to…



and Rebecca:

Paired with a modern vintage dress, some unique, out-of-the-box accessories

– voilà, fertig, done!

The most stunning bride ever!!

Do I hear the ohhs and ahhs?… Honestly, I don’t think contemporary vintage could be any more beautiful!

Shoes (Online, Germany) : Nina Fiarucci, Wedding dresses seen on:  inbloomeventdesign, Necklace: Nataliefashionjewelry

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