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There are some treasuries that make me smile when I look at them. “Kitsch is cool” is definitely one of them! It’s quirky, it’s colorful and it features a vintage German Garden Gnome… – awww… home sweet home…



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“How Do You Even Choose?”

That’s what I was asking myself earlier, when I was trying to pick one – or maybe two… – Etsy treasuries that my lucky elephants were lucky enough to be part of. I thought, that it would be fun to not only show off my picks and favorites of other artisan’s creations, but also the picks of fellow Etsians, who included my elephants in their treasuries.

Now, guess what I found out while I was conducting a quick “lucky elephant Etsy search”!!?!! I discovered, that my cute, little silver friends have been showcased in a total of soaring 232 (yep, two hundred thirty two!!!…) treasuries up to this day!!! I had no idea!! And, would probably never have found out if it weren’t for EtsyLove…

See now, why choosing just a selected few, wasn’t the easiest task??? But {woot woot} I did it!!!!! And, without further ado, my selected few!…

For more details, please click on the images and you will get transferred over to Etsy! Happy browsing!!

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Amazing Etsy

Looking at treasuries fellow Etsy artisans put together can become quite addictive, but making them yourself even more so! I just wanted to make one yesterday, but ended up making 3… Thought I share them with you, so you get a glimpse at all the amazing treasures you can unearth if you take a little bit of time to browse and search. Try it and you’ll see how much fun it is!!

And a few little something for Daddy – just in time for Father’s Day…

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Lime, Cream and Chocolate

Love Lime. Love chocolate. Love cream. All three of them together? Even better!

Pinwheels: Twirlie Whirlies; Purse: Apart; Mobile: Jenna Bee; Art print “I discovered true happiness”: Say It Sweet; Lamp: Sarafoote; Maxi Dress: H&M; Short dress: Impressionen; Shoe clip: Apple and Ivy

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