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Amazing Etsy

Looking at treasuries fellow Etsy artisans put together can become quite addictive, but making them yourself even more so! I just wanted to make one yesterday, but ended up making 3… Thought I share them with you, so you get a glimpse at all the amazing treasures you can unearth if you take a little bit of time to browse and search. Try it and you’ll see how much fun it is!!

And a few little something for Daddy – just in time for Father’s Day…


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True Love Day

I saw this beautiful piece of art some time before Valentine’s Day, decided it would make the perfect Valentine’s post, bookmarked it, uploaded it, wrote a little something, saved the draft, … and totally forgot about it, until a few minutes ago!!! Sometimes I wish, that aside from incredible, unique treasures like the art print below, Etsy would offer some plain basics too – a box of pretty little brain cells for instance… Could definitely use some here and there!

But then again, maybe it was a sign that my brain forgot!?! Why not make everyday Valentine’s Day? I should say that I am not a big Valentine’s person to begin with, so I figured I post the print just because today! March 1st 2011: True Love Day!!!

8×10 art print by Fewandfar on Etsy.

Happy, happy!!

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