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Shades of Autumn

Ever since I celebrated my 29th birthday for the 8th time, my Fall fashion taste in terms of color has been shifting ever so slightly towards all things earth tone with an occasional splash of color. Nowadays, what used to be black is chocolate brown,  white is cream and color usually means subtle (emerald green, coral, curry, aubergine, camel,…). Generally, I think my Fall wardrobe is probably best described as classy & timeless. No screaming colors, no super wild patterns. Hence my new Fall bracelets… Enjoy!

Happy beginning of Fall!



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Elephants for Fall

The air smells like Fall and it’s almost time for jeans, boots, jackets,… My favorite season! Actually, if you ask me, I would totally not mind having Spring and Fall year round, with a few hot(ter) summer days and a few cold(er) winter days – but only a few and not too extreme temperature wise. I’ve been playing around with new beads in all sorts of warm, earthy Fall colors lately. All new bracelets will be added on Etsy within the next few days. Here’s one example: beautiful goldstone on brown leather.

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Add A Touch of Summer to Your Winter…

Why settle for dark…??

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More Winter Fashion…

For the all young (or young at heart….) fashionistas out there:

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Zooey Deschanel Is Getting A Lucky Elephant Bracelet!!!

Why is the star of the hit Fox series “New Girl”, Zooey Deschanel, so excited, you wonder???

Well, because she’s getting a lucky elephant bracelet!!! Yep, that’s right, one of my bracelets is going directly to Zooey Deschanel!! I am beyond excited that I have been given the opportunity to include one of my pieces in an exclusive gift bag for her filled with handmade goodies from members of The Artisan Group !!!

Just have to decide which one of my bracelets to send her!!… Ideas?? Suggestions??


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The Perfect Short Vintage Wedding Dress

Every so often I see a picture of a wedding dress and fall in love instantly. Just happened about 5 minutes ago. Isn’t this the most beautiful vintage wedding dress ever (“Beverlywood” by Dolly Couture)? Absolutely stunning! Imagine a vintage inspired lucky elephant with it… – awwww……


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Luck and Love for Mother’s Day

A very short post on this fine (warm!!! sunny!!! fabulous!!!! springy!!!!…) Sunday!! Am so excited about my latest creations, felt like sharing. In case you are already looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift for you mom…

And, as always: 10% of the proceeds going right back to Urban Initiatives – supporting their incredible health and education soccer program for children in the Chicago public schools.


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