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Shades of Autumn

Ever since I celebrated my 29th birthday for the 8th time, my Fall fashion taste in terms of color has been shifting ever so slightly towards all things earth tone with an occasional splash of color. Nowadays, what used to be black is chocolate brown,  white is cream and color usually means subtle (emerald green, coral, curry, aubergine, camel,…). Generally, I think my Fall wardrobe is probably best described as classy & timeless. No screaming colors, no super wild patterns. Hence my new Fall bracelets… Enjoy!

Happy beginning of Fall!



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Elephants for Fall

The air smells like Fall and it’s almost time for jeans, boots, jackets,… My favorite season! Actually, if you ask me, I would totally not mind having Spring and Fall year round, with a few hot(ter) summer days and a few cold(er) winter days – but only a few and not too extreme temperature wise. I’ve been playing around with new beads in all sorts of warm, earthy Fall colors lately. All new bracelets will be added on Etsy within the next few days. Here’s one example: beautiful goldstone on brown leather.

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“What’s YOUR Style” the lucky elephant™ Contest

It’s been so long since I’ve had the last “Lucky Elephant Contest” – way too long, I know. To make up for the very many days (months…) without, I decided to make it a really fun one this time with TWO PRIZES FOR TWO LUCKY WINNERS!!!!

The contest is all about YOU, YOUR STYLE, YOUR LOVE FOR ELEPHANTS, YOUR CREATIVITY! Entering will require a little bit of work on your end, but the prizes will be well worth it: TWO (!!) the lucky elephant™ leather wraps with a total value of $140. There’s two parts to this contest – each part with a different the lucky elephant™ bracelet waiting for you at the finish line! You can enter both parts for a chance to win both bracelets! The rules…

Contest Part 1 – Prize 1 (Value $60):

1. Become a fan on Facebook 

2. Leave a comment below and tell me which the lucky elephant™ you like the best in my store.

Contest Part 2 – Prize 2 (Value $80):

1. POST A PICTURE on my Facebook Wall or send it to me via email (info@theluckyelephant.com). Leave a comment below and let me know you did.

Not ANY picture, of course, no no no… It has to be a picture WITH AN ELEPHANT in it and the most creative, most unique entry wins!!!! Here are your picture options:

a) a picture of yourself wearing your own the lucky elephant™ bracelet (just like Jamie below):

b) a collage featuring your favorite the lucky elephant™ bracelet and an outfit you’d wear it with  (browse current and past items in my store and find an outfit to go with it –> a collage can be done in a snap with any picture editing software)

c) a Polyvore set that you’ve created containing a the lucky elephant™ bracelet

d) your favorite the lucky elephant™ bracelet

Coral Leather Wrap Bracelet by  the lucky elephant™

e) a picture of your favorite non-jewelry elephant – t-shirt, candle holder, wall art, stuffed animal, tatoo, home decor, pillow,…

All images will be put on a special board on Pinterest to have them all in one place!

Please keep in mind: the most unique entry wins part 2 of the contest, so BE CREATIVE & MAKE IT PRETTY, but most importantly have fun!!! 🙂

Make sure to enter both parts of the contest to increase your chances to win!!!!! So excited to see what you come up with!!!!

The winner of Prize 1 will be picked via random.org. The winner of prize 2 will be picked by a  jury of experienced fashionistas and elephant lovers.

Contest will end on FRIDAY, JUNE 1st 2012!

Good luck to you all!


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Summer Can’t Be Far…

This has officially been the weirdest summer ever. It’s mid June and I’m still freezing – even with my jacket on!!! Waiting for the sun to finally come and stick around for longer than a day or two. I just hope the sun will be gentle! Not going from 30 and freezing to 90 and humid in a day!!! Some sort of “transition weather” first would be nice… To at least be able to kind of adjust a bit and to have the time to take jacket and scarf up to, and sun dress and tank top down from the attic. But that might be a lot to ask for around here. We live in Chicago after all…

Luckily, today was an ok day weather-wise. Enough sun and blue sky to almost forget about the chilly temperatures… Enough to make me put on my sandals no matter what (yes, my feet were cold all day!! Who am I kidding…). Enough to make me sit outside with wine and cheese even though my toes and nose said “Go in the house!”… Enough to put on a white shirt and colorful summer jewels… My summer look on this fall-like day:

Can you feel the sun???…


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Lime, Cream and Chocolate

Love Lime. Love chocolate. Love cream. All three of them together? Even better!

Pinwheels: Twirlie Whirlies; Purse: Apart; Mobile: Jenna Bee; Art print “I discovered true happiness”: Say It Sweet; Lamp: Sarafoote; Maxi Dress: H&M; Short dress: Impressionen; Shoe clip: Apple and Ivy

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The GLAM Good Luck Elephant Bracelet “In Person”

Sunday confession…: I cannot, for the life of me, take photos that capture the sparkle of faceted beads. There.

Have tried about a million times and have been frustrated with the outcome a million times as well! It just doesn’t work. The beauty of faceted beads never shows. Even worse, most of the time, due to the sparkle and more intense light reflection of faceted beads, photos turn out looking rather blurry, which really is a shame, since faceted beads (especially faceted crystals) are TO DIE FOR in real life! They are just so beautiful and stunning.

I did a little online research, hoping to find the answer to my problem, but all I could find was photoshopped images where creative minds had added white stars to photos of beads or crystals to sort of reproduce sparkle, which did not at all do justice to the real deal either and looked way too artificial for my taste.

I finally realized, that the secret of sparkle lies in movement (duh!!!…) and that taking photos would just not cut it. What faceted beads really need is A VIDEAO CAMERA!!! Now, check this out!!!!

Gee, why in the world did I not think about that earlier??…

P.S.: The Glam Good Luck Elephant bracelet is available at my store: www.theluckyelephant.etsy.com. It comes in an array of colors (brown, gold, silver, black, blue-green, red, purple, teal,…) If you can’t find it, somebody has probably just snatched it away. Please feel free to send me a message – happy to re-make one for you!

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Thursday’s Color is Purple!

Did you know that??? I certainly did not, but I’m glad Google taught me …

But that’s not all I learned today. According to Google, purple not only is Tursday’s color, but also the color of good judgment. It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. It is said if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind. Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty. Being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors, purple is believed to be the ideal color. Purple is the color most favored by artists.

Are you in your closet yet? Digging for those purple clothes and accessories??? Dig deep or go out and get some, and – hopefully – peace of mind will be all yours soon… Fingers crossed!

Dress: Jim Hjelm; Shoes: Miu Miu; Nail Polish: William-tell-me-about-it by Opi; Leather Wrap Bracelet: the lucky elephant; Ring: Deedra’s Dome Cocktail Ring; Cuff Bracelet: Aurélie Bidermann;

If you happen to live in Chicago, you might want to head over to the The Purple Pig now. Not only will it increase your chances of being rewarded with even more peace of mind (the more purple the more peace?…), but amazing food will also be yours and yummi (purple?) wine too, if you like. Not been voted  #1 of the 10 best new restaurants in America by Bon Appétit for new reason!! Gotta try The Purple Pig! Yum …

P.S.: Did you know that there is a store out there that sells nothing but purple? No, not kidding! All-purple goodies for women, men, kids, rooms, christmas trees, feet, face, kitchen… If you’re really, really into purple you might want to check it out?!?! “The Purple Store” …

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