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Sneaker Bride

IF I could walk in heels better, I’d wear them more often. IF my back wouldn’t start hurting about 30 (3?) min after I’ve put them on, I’d wear them even more often. They are magical after all, making legs look a mile longer, leaner and everything, the whole body appears to be moving way more gracefully when elevated a few inches from the ground, etc.- what’s not to like about that? Sadly though, most heels and I don’t go together too well for too long. I can sit in them, yes, but standing, walking, dancing, etc.? Not so much…

Why am I telling you that, you wonder? Well, I do, because I stumbled upon some very pretty images today and they made me think about heels, heels and brides to be exact. Isn’t it funny how almost all brides start out their big day on the most beautiful heels they have ever worn and end up barefoot on sticky, dirty dance floors?  If somebody were to find out how many brides abandoned their fancy shoes during the course of their wedding night – what would the result be? 100%?…

So, the question is: why not get married comfortably, pain-free & in style to begin with! Doesn’t that sound soooooo wonderful? And if it can be as beautiful and cool as in the pictures below, even better!

Photos: Riess Photography

Shoes: Bally (seen on marieclaire.com)


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