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All A Bride Could Ever Want…

Etsy treasuries are great to do some convenient – everyday – window shopping. If you are looking for a gift for a very special someone, but don’t really know what exactly to get, Etsy treasuries will for sure get you inspired. You can do boutique shopping at your pace and convenience without the hassle of having to drive from A to B to C, hunting for parking spots, feeding meters, rushing after work, hurting feet, … – instead, you sit on your couch, glass of wine in hand, feet up, take a look at unique finds and let inspiration come to you. Sounds pretty relaxing, doesn’t it?!?!

Now, the more extreme your constraints or shopping needs are, the more Etsy can bring relieve. Take Weddings and stressed out brides for example. Brides usually have so many things on their list and way too little time to get everything done at an enjoyable pace. Etsy and it’s wedding treasuries might actually be their shopping heaven.  So many unique, customizable, color coordinated, personalizable,… goodies that you can look at in such a short period of time while not even having to leave the house. You can take time to think, don’t need to decide right away – after all, you can come back ANY time. No wonder so many brides already shop at Etsy!…

Check this one out for example:

A glance at 16 boutiques in less than a minute (aka “convenience speed shopping”…). Relaxed yet??…


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“How Do You Even Choose?”

That’s what I was asking myself earlier, when I was trying to pick one – or maybe two… – Etsy treasuries that my lucky elephants were lucky enough to be part of. I thought, that it would be fun to not only show off my picks and favorites of other artisan’s creations, but also the picks of fellow Etsians, who included my elephants in their treasuries.

Now, guess what I found out while I was conducting a quick “lucky elephant Etsy search”!!?!! I discovered, that my cute, little silver friends have been showcased in a total of soaring 232 (yep, two hundred thirty two!!!…) treasuries up to this day!!! I had no idea!! And, would probably never have found out if it weren’t for EtsyLove…

See now, why choosing just a selected few, wasn’t the easiest task??? But {woot woot} I did it!!!!! And, without further ado, my selected few!…

For more details, please click on the images and you will get transferred over to Etsy! Happy browsing!!

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“Forever & Always”

Time for some more Etsy Love… (I’ve been making quite a few wedding bracelets lately, can you tell???…)

If I got you hooked and you want to find out more, please click on the image or here.


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Coral and Blue

Orange, coral, red –  so pretty paired with navy blue!  Perfect from casual…


… to a bit dressier …


… all the way to the big day!

TOP: Outfit: H&M; Bracelet: the lucky elephant; Nail Polish: Essie “Capri”; Shoes: Topshop;

MIDDLE: Jeans, Top, Shoes, Purse: Topshop; Ring: Impressionen; Earrings: Unzipped Intermix; Bracelet: the lucky elephant; Sweater: Ashley Brooke

BOTTOM: Bridesmaid Dress: Saja; Shoes: Mylie Corsage; Bracelet: the lucky elephant


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Lucky Elephant Contest March

March is just around the corner and it’s time to get the next LUCKY ELEPHANT CONTEST under way! Are you ready??? I certainly am! Can’t wait to hear what you have to say this time!!! I decided to do a little poll and cast some wedding votes! Imagine you were getting married some time soon (maybe you are even???): which of the bracelets featured below would you like best for yourself or your bridesmaids? Take a pick, leave a comment and enter for a chance to win one of the featured bracelets (or a bracelet of equal value if a wedding is not in your future and you prefer something other than pearls…)!!

As always, all you need to do to enter is: leave a comment here and/or on twitter – the more the merrier!

Make sure you leave your email so that I can reach you in case you are the lucky one this month!!! The winner will be picked on March 25th.


P.S.: Time is of the essence and you need a (wedding) bracelet right away? Please visit my Etsy store or send me an email at  info@theluckyelephant.com.


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Spring 2011 Trend Color “Silver Cloud”

Did you know that elephants are totally fashionable this year? Just look at the trend colors of 2011 and you’ll see! Gray aka “silver cloud” made it into the top ten trend colors this season. Hooray to elephants!!… :-0

Whether it’s weddings or parties or jeans and t-shirt looks: gray can do it all – easily!

Pictures gathered on the web a while ago without taking notes – sorry, will be more thourough next time…

Dress: Phillip Lim, Clutch: Judith Leiber, Elephant bracelet: the lucky elephant, Shoes: Alexandre Birman, Cuff bracelet: Anna Beck, Earrings: Accessorize, Nail Polish: OPI

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Sneaker Bride

IF I could walk in heels better, I’d wear them more often. IF my back wouldn’t start hurting about 30 (3?) min after I’ve put them on, I’d wear them even more often. They are magical after all, making legs look a mile longer, leaner and everything, the whole body appears to be moving way more gracefully when elevated a few inches from the ground, etc.- what’s not to like about that? Sadly though, most heels and I don’t go together too well for too long. I can sit in them, yes, but standing, walking, dancing, etc.? Not so much…

Why am I telling you that, you wonder? Well, I do, because I stumbled upon some very pretty images today and they made me think about heels, heels and brides to be exact. Isn’t it funny how almost all brides start out their big day on the most beautiful heels they have ever worn and end up barefoot on sticky, dirty dance floors?  If somebody were to find out how many brides abandoned their fancy shoes during the course of their wedding night – what would the result be? 100%?…

So, the question is: why not get married comfortably, pain-free & in style to begin with! Doesn’t that sound soooooo wonderful? And if it can be as beautiful and cool as in the pictures below, even better!

Photos: Riess Photography

Shoes: Bally (seen on marieclaire.com)

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