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All A Bride Could Ever Want…

Etsy treasuries are great to do some convenient – everyday – window shopping. If you are looking for a gift for a very special someone, but don’t really know what exactly to get, Etsy treasuries will for sure get you inspired. You can do boutique shopping at your pace and convenience without the hassle of having to drive from A to B to C, hunting for parking spots, feeding meters, rushing after work, hurting feet, … – instead, you sit on your couch, glass of wine in hand, feet up, take a look at unique finds and let inspiration come to you. Sounds pretty relaxing, doesn’t it?!?!

Now, the more extreme your constraints or shopping needs are, the more Etsy can bring relieve. Take Weddings and stressed out brides for example. Brides usually have so many things on their list and way too little time to get everything done at an enjoyable pace. Etsy and it’s wedding treasuries might actually be their shopping heaven.  So many unique, customizable, color coordinated, personalizable,… goodies that you can look at in such a short period of time while not even having to leave the house. You can take time to think, don’t need to decide right away – after all, you can come back ANY time. No wonder so many brides already shop at Etsy!…

Check this one out for example:

A glance at 16 boutiques in less than a minute (aka “convenience speed shopping”…). Relaxed yet??…


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“Forever & Always”

Time for some more Etsy Love… (I’ve been making quite a few wedding bracelets lately, can you tell???…)

If I got you hooked and you want to find out more, please click on the image or here.


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One-of-a-kind Wedding

The more pictures I see of vintage weddings the more I wish I could get married again… If I could, I would totally, totally do vintage! So pretty and different! Just take a look at Lovejune‘s shop on Etsy! Wedding dresses that are just drop dead gorgeous! It would, of course, help to be as stunningly beautiful as the model in the picture, but even if not, the dress is a dream!!

Wedding dress: Lovejune; LOVE photo art: Amelia Kay Photography; Wood note book: Quotesandnotes; Bracelet: the lucky elephant;Love garland: Funkyshique

Perfect, isn’t it? Thank God for Etsy and it’s amazingly creative sellers!!! Whatever you need and more – it’s all there! More beautiful and unique than you would ever be able to find it anywhere else – for a truly one-of-a-kind wedding that reflects your personality and style down to the last detail. And so convenient, too. One stop, a few clicks and you’re all set to wow your guests.


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